Quality Steel Fabrications

Quality Steel Fabrications based in Liverpool.  We are the North Wests leading Steel Fabrication company, delivering quality and value for over 40 years.

What We Do

Commercial and Industrial Steel Fabrication

Quality Steel work, experienced staff, no job too big or small.

All Aspects of Steel work installation

We take care of every aspect of service delivery from free site survey, to plans, 3d modelling and health and safety.

Affordable Steel Fabrication

Free Quotes and jobs that stick at budget. Just one of our many skills that ultimately save you money.

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Metal Fabrication Services

With over 40 years experience of domestic, commercial and industrial steel abrication services, there is no problem that we cannot find a solution for. We offer the following steel fabrication products with incredibly quick turnaround times.
  • Fire escapes
  • Access stairs
  • Balustrades and spirals
  • Walkways
  • Gates
  • Ornamental work
  • Railings
  • Doors
  • Balconies
  • Handrails
  • Structural Beams
  • Steel Frames
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Platforms
  • RSJ’s

Domestic Steel Fabrication

We have many happy clients who needed our Steel fabrication services for domestic projects. We can fabricate many types of metal to meet your exact needs. We can even replicate existing steel work to provide replacements for existing items.

Steel Beams for House Extension

In this project in Liverpool, our customer was having a large extension built onto his house. He needed several steel beams (sometimes called RSJ’s) but more accurately called a steel frame. These steel beams formed the support for his new extension. We were able to work closely with the architect and builder and help with the calculations and plans for the project. Which saved our client time, money and headache.

Commercial Steel Fabrications

This project in Liverpool 4 was for a Steel staircase to be used as a fire exit in a newly renovated church. This stair case was at the rear of the property so only a sturdy plain staircase was needed.

Steel Staircase Fire Escape

We had limited space for this project but experience has taught us how to deal with these challenges. The job was manufactured in our Steel fabrications workshop nearby in Liverpool 5. Although this was a challenging project we were still able to complete this in less than a week in order to help our client meet his deadlines. If you would like to discuss how we can help you meet your challenges, our team are always happy to have a chat, so get in touch.

Industrial Steel Fabrication

Over the years we have worked with a number of major construction companies, to deliver innovative solutions for their projects. One of our most recent projects involved fabricating a steel frame for the roof of a multi storey apratment complex.

Daniel House, Bootle, Steel Beams

By far one of our most interesting projects yet. We built a steel frame to support an extension to the roof of this multistorey apartment building. This truly was a test of our metal and a difficult logistical project. We made and detailed the steel beams and then had them hoisted to the roof by crane, where they were assembled. The steel beams provided a new floor which was built on top of the multi-storey complex. This was due to house a rooftop garden, bar and terrace complete with jacuzzis and a most wonderful view of the Liverpool skyline.

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