New Handrails Baltic Market Liverpool

This is a hand rail that we fitted earlier this year in the Baltic Market in Liverpool. There was a mezzanine floor fitted in order to make better use available space.

This is more important now than ever. Taking advantage of unused space to and bring it ito use allows more room for people to social distance.

There are very strict guidelines in place for the use of handrails and safety guards. Obviously as this handrail is quite a way up only certain dimensions and materials are acceptable.

If you would like advice on how to create new safe spaces in your building we would  be more than happy to help so give us a call on 0151 207 5070 or 07886352589

New Steel structure for overhead extension West Derby

We fabricated and installed a frame for a customer who wanted to build on the side of his house. The ground floor was to be a covered parking area for his car and the upper floor was an extension of the upper floor of his house .We completed a free site survey and made the steel to finish at same level of the existing floor of his house

Steel Balcony in Formby

We were instructed as the Steel Fabrication Company by the main contractor Ingham and Garner to work with the architect, client and structural engineer to create an aesthetically pleasing steel frame for a residential home being built in  Formby, close to Freshfields Nature Reserve. Due to the close proximity to the coastal area. It was required to be galvanised and  etched with mordant solution to allow a key for paint to adhere, to provide a 25 year protection guarantee. It was created to support a glass floor and balcony area protruding from the first floor bedroom. Following the site survey  we had to negotiate a number of newly planted trees to  access the rear of the building with the steelwork without the use of mechanical devices to the proposed location .This was over come by the use of  a turntable trolley. The steel was then lifted into position using a genie lift following our method statement at all times.

Structural Steel Fabrications Whiston

This is a recent job that we did in Whiston A & E. We created a structural steel fabrication that consisted of a box section. We used a box section because this is often a better option as it looks better than a standard beam. Although it is equally as strong.

Because we were fitting to a box section we used specific bolts called blind bolts. These allowed us to bolt the RSJ beams to the box section.